Thursday, August 18, 2011

spontaneous thursday! siri 2 ( gua fan manchester united hehehe)

"Manchester United is the type of student who jokes a lot in class but after exams will always be at the top!
Arsenal is the type of student who keeps on failing exams but his dad will always tell him "my son, I'm sure next time you will pass pass!
"Chelsea is that kid who is disillusioned at school and cant achieve much coz a kid whose father is richer has joined the school!
Liverpool is that kid whose only pride in attending classes is because his grandfather used to be a bright student!"

ni status sorang member gua kat facebook~~

"selain fan man utd... relax2 sude~~~ kehkekeh"


Fyzal said...

Terbaik. aku bagi 10 bintang untuk member lu punya status tu. GGMU!.

Nur Salsabilla said...

Walwaehh. pengkaji bola sepak sungguh mereka-mereka ituuu ;)

Alip Apai said...

naseb baik ak layan barca..