Monday, August 10, 2009

we were lucky malaysian!!!

just now i'm back from KL, searching my convocation baju melayu.... not much money so i find the cheapest one... got baju melayu for Rm50 at mydin lol! when otw back i sit my tired ass at CM (central market) get some kropok lekor n drink some sugar taste coconut juice hehehehe suddenly i feel like we Malaysian was very lucky.....


everyone of us want freedom, freedom to speak, to talk, to travel to eat n do anything... some of us marched at KL to get freedom from ISA hehehhe

but dont u thing if our beloved Malaysia's gov give all that in the name of freedom n democracies to every single one of us wont u thing it will be a disaster?

imagine, if the highway is a given a freedom, theirs will no speed limit, could u thing anyone will use highway? if u ask me if i wanna go to work, i will say no... but i do want salary...

if everyone is "freedomly" do what they want to do, how could u feel the safe??

so our gov give us half freedom, too much freedom=disaster, less freedom= jail... we were lucky rite?? see other country that have to much freedom like Thailand and Indonesia... are we want be like that??


did you know some of country like china n Japan is strictly concern about the name of their people?? china even shortlisted about 8,000 allowable names for babies. a Beijing woman called Ma Cheng that her name is not on the list were ask to change her name!

same condition appear at Japan that thousands of girl in japan called Misaki Takahashi.... this due to japan's gov that not allowed certain name to be used.

some reports on united states were a boy were moved by police just because his name was Adolf Hitler Campbell! hahaha

but we Malaysian can name our babies with whatever name we want... arabic name? chines name? indian name? named it.... even if you want to name ur children with combination of all 3 also can........ dont u think we were lucky?? =)

by the way theres a girl in Lodon want to sue his mother coz giving her name Sue Yoo... lol!


if we see a baby we definitely say "your baby is so cute!"
we will not say "your baby look like lizard!" even his baby do loke like lizard.

if we see fat kids we will say "wow, sehatnyanya anak awk!"
we will not say "ni anak badak ke, anak awak??"

so... dont you think we lucky have such a polite people?? =)


today paper reports of the shoot of JI member that known as the bomb expert... he was linked to recent bombing in Jakarta... and he is from Malaysia! i'm not gonna say we lucky to have a bomb expert =P
we lucky coz we can see Manchester United play twice live in Malaysia!! hehehehe


we Malaysian is the less citizen in the world to take action in court for tort cases. we always say 'x apa la'.

its good thought, even we burn our lips due to hot coffee in cafe, or slipped in shopping complex because the wet floor. or even cant sleep because our neighbor's hold a party till 3 in the morning... even when Indonesian people burn our flag because of the island=)

we were Malaysian, so tak pe la....


i go to mosque and i see 2 saf only, its very normal viewing if you go to any mosque in Malaysia, i even see an empty mosque, and locked! i want to perform solat Zohor that time and its still 2 pm.

i'm gonna say we still lucky in Malaysia, we still can hear azan at our mosque, not like singapore the azan cant be perform with speaker... disturbing ppl sleep they say... =)


we so lucky coz got foreigner workers from all over the world! pakistan, indonesia, bangladesh, phipliphine, thailand.... named it...

with them we can get human resource for some work that Malaysian "pantang" to do... such as buruh binaan, angkat sampah, pelayan, pembantu rumah.

we malaysian so picky demanding about job, even only got PMR sijil only... if this foreigner didnt here then Malaysia will have so many sampah n so many uncompleted building... we lucky right?? =)


we lucky coz got a wonderful and caring government. they want to canceled Math and Science in English even thought so many IPT graduate cant speak English fluently and make them hard to get job... =)

what i have to tell you, its you can make yourself lucky.....

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